In Paradise CD

by Valarien


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On IN PARADISE Valarien’s exquisite performance on acoustic guitar floats and soars over a lush bed of strings, angelic chorales, morning bird songs, wind chimes and a gentle stream. This hour long improvisation and musical meditation is ideal for relaxation, massage, yoga and other healing arts. It is beautiful, heartfelt and joyous music that evokes a deep sense of peace and wondrous beauty in the listener. IN PARADISE is so enchanting you will love to play it again and again…


All Music Guide,, CD Baby Review:

***** (5 Stars) Amazing Electro Acoustics!
Reviewer: James L Brenholts
"In Paradise" is, quite simply, one of the best combinations of acoustic and electronic instruments ever! Valarien surrounds an atmospheric acoustic guitar with pastoral samples and orchestral synths. He uses some echo and delay on his guitar - just enough to create gentle clouds and gentle resting places. The liner notes use the word "enchanting" to describe these soundscapes. It is an accurate term and, in reality, this is one huge soundscape. Valarien's style and techniques infuse every note with love and warmth. He has a definite passion for his craft. He shares it willingly with his listeners."

CD Baby Review:

***** (5 Stars) Wonderful acoustic guitar playing cushioned by synth clouds.
Reviewer: Gordon Danis
Jim- Thanks so much for turning me on to Valarien! Jim and I are both in this end of the music biz and we hear a lot of CDs, good, bad, and indifferent. The minute I heard this CD, first I heard the nature sounds, and then the synths, and then I hear this guy wailing on the acoustic those who yearn for substance in their ambient/new age music, for those who won't forsake quality musicianship for the sake of a trendy sound...this CD is for you. Reviews:

***** (5 Stars) Buy this CD!!!
Reviewer: A music fan from City of the Angels
"This CD is Amazing! Of all the music offered in this genre, this is quite simply the Best!!! Listening to Valarien is like going on a magical journey; prepare to be taken to an exquisite place of Peace and Beauty. I love this CD! It always lifts me up and brightens my day. is also perfect for relaxation and Yoga. I give this CD the highest rating of 5 Stars! Get it, you'll be glad you did!"

***** (5 Stars) Exquisite Acoustic Guitar/Ambient Music.
Reviewer: A music fan from Los Angeles
"Valarien's guitar playing on In Paradise is exquisite. This is acoustic/ambient guitar music at it's finest. The CD is one long improvisational guitar meditation over electronic strings and ambient spaces, divided into three parts, without a break in the music. In Part 1 the music unfolds beautifully with the freshness of a new dawn, much as the cover painting "Daybreak" by the American romantic painter Maxfield Parish pictures. The music deepens in Part 2 and before you know it you are wandering through an Eden like Paradise and forgotten all memory of where you are or where you came from. When Part 3 three finally arrives and you are content to stay "In Paradise" indefinitely, it gets even better! In this last movement, it's as if the clouds veiling the heavens part and a spiritual light shines down, drawing you higher and higher into light. When the music finally ends you are returned to the beginning, with the peaceful sounds of nature and wind chimes In Paradise. There's definitely a spiritual quality to this music, with a richer sense of melody, harmony and musicianship than is usual for "new age" music. For those who like really good guitar playing or if you like spiritual music that will wash over you like a new day after the rain, then get this CD!"

***** (5 Stars) Divinely blissful and sublimely beautiful...
Reviewer: Valakor from California
"Divinely blissful and sublimely beautiful! This music is trance-inducing and very healing for the heart and the spirit. An hour of peace and joyful contentment. Gorgeous guitar playing in a tapestry of warm musical ambience as beautiful as the artwork. Valarien's music takes you on a journey to a place that is at once enchanting and wonderful and yet personal and familiar, a remembrance of something half forgotten and still longed for - truly timeless. If you are looking to be blissed-out, then In Paradise is for you!"